Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I've been peepin out some rad blogs lately, but I always forget to bookmark them. I dislike how Blogger does not have a way to add "friends" or contacts! The only way to do anything like that (where other blogger.com users are linked on your profile) is to start a blog together. Blogrolling is good, but people are not alert to the fact that you've added them unless you tell them so. This is only my seventh post and I have been busy outside of work (where I've done all my updating so far), so I don't feel like telling people to check out my blog because there is not too much content.

That said, check out these blogs:
I really like this girl, Rhiannon. She lives in Atlanta, which is cool to me, and IS SO CUTE AND HAS DA BOMB STYLE. Her eBay store rules, too!

Everyone loves Winona. She is a hilarious fashionista in Oregon. She makes me lol for real.

Also, check out this insane artist, Tara Donovan: http://www.acegallery.net/artistmenu.php?Artist=8
She makes these unbelievable installations made of only one type of item, i.e. plastic cups, tape, straws, broken pencils, or fishing wire. Just check it out! I can't imagine the time and energy!


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Thanks to Technorati, you can know if someone linked your blog.
I have discovered a few really cool blogs after seeing they had liked me. You should try it.