Thursday, June 26, 2008


  • The Ebb and Flow of Movies (1986-2008): This is so much fun to look at. It lightweight emotionally moved me. It's a really interesting graph showing the box office revenue from most (?) major releases from 1986 until February 2008. It made me feel old. It also made me relive my life through movie releases. Remembering Episode I coming out in sixth grade and all the movies I loves as a child being released. I didn't realize that I was supposed to hover my cursor over the graph until after scrolling to the 1990s. There is a search at the top, too!
  • Twenty Set: At first I felt like this website was not for me, with links about marriage and talk about "young professionals," but once I poked around I realized how relevent the content is to me! There are articles about graduating college, job searching, how to get by without health insurance, etc. The author, Monica, talks also about blogging, not wanting kids, relationships, Sex and the City, vegetarianism, and other relevant things to me and girls about my age.
  • You know those LifeLock commercials with the CEO giving out his social security number? Well, apparently there have been 87 attempts to steal his identity with one guy actually getting a $500 loan! Pretty funny.

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