Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bright Side

Things are truly what you make them, so let's resolve to have the best of each moment glorified in our minds as we travel through the rest of the week. Are you bored? Think of the time you have to catch up on transcribing your travel journal or last week's Project Runway episode! If you're too busy, stop for a glass of ice water and then focus on the mimosa and reproduction vintage handtooled pumps you'll treat yourself to when your work is done! Hot? Make some Kool-Aid ice cube tray popsicles and keep your bras in the freezer! Broke? Decoupage a boombox with old magazines and sell it to a local gallery or take some of the clothes you never wear to a consignment shop! Being positive will show through in all aspects of your life. You will inspire others! Your skin will improve! You will exude sexiness and confidence!

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