Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Shits to peep

  • I love Bust magazine and because this is their 15th anniversary, they're offering $15 subscriptions! (I think it's $20 regularly. Anywho, I really dig that magazine because they have interesting content and I like to check out the boutiques and shops with ads in the back.
  • I'm going to let this article speak for itself: Tech savvy teens are using Google Earth’s splendidly clear aerial shots of the UK to launch a summertime craze – pool crashing. Amazing! Let's do it!
  • I've been messing around a lot on this site: Wordle. You get to create fun word pictures. Here is one I made of my page, which is terrible. I can't ever make one of these I really like because I don't have a string of words handy to copy and my blog is so new that a lot of my content is about laminators, graphs, and offices! WTF! And now by typing those words again, I've added to their count so they'll show up more pronounced from now on... And how do I say "one" so often???

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