Thursday, July 3, 2008

I can't fight it any more.

I have to post cute animal videos. I watched TWO today within a few minutes of each other. They need to be documented. We'll consider it a part of Things I Love Thursday.


gilda said...

oh my god thank you for the video of christian!!! i had never heard of the story and i know i sound pathetic but i seriously cried watching that 3 minute video!! i've been researching christian for the past hour. what a beautiful and amazing story! i'm so touched. i'm such a wimp, i cry at anything slightly touching. i have to mention this on my blog too. good things much be shared!

Joy said...

oh man, it is ultra awesome cheese! and i think it is impossible to not well up with a few tears! i sift through all the internet crud to bring my readers the embedded content they deserve!