Friday, July 11, 2008


Whilst surfing the world wide web, I encountered this advertisement. Now I have never been to a Fashion Bug. I believe the closest location is 45 minutes away. I will never go there because they do not sell flattering clothes. I have never considered myself a "fashionista" or a style snob, and if I saw this woman on the street wearing this outfit I wouldn't even think twice about it (and that is also another problem entirely). Okay so they are using a plus size model, but obviously Fashion Bug doesn't know how to dress one! This girl is cute and obviously not fat, just a full figured woman. However, that bold white line on the bottom of the shirt is accenting the widest part of her body! Then that all over print just widen her out. She is rendered shapeless and thereby reduced to a boxy or sack-like shape. I don't dislike the cropped pants, but if I was going to pair a loose fitting top like that with capris, I'd choose some that were more form fitting. The trouser style look, just adds more volume and fabric and baggyness. So, as I said before, though this outfit looks like crap here in an ad, it wouldn't phase me if I saw it in public. This is a severe problem because if you're running an ad, you should feature exciting outfits that represent your company. This ad tells me that Fashion Bug is for boring young and middle-aged women who like cheap clothes and are more than likely overweight. AWESOME! Here I even altered the pants like I think they should fit. Isn't that better? I mean, only a little, but some!


Sheena said...

Bahahahhaha! You did a good job!

caroline said...

i'm glad i'm not the only one who gets worked up when i see people wearing the wrong clothing for their body type. haha. if they paired some longer more fitted pants with that top it would make her look leaner.

Annie said...

Eee, good points!