Friday, October 31, 2008

Hey Peter Frampton, do you like toast too?

Well well well, dear neglected blog readers (reader?). I have risen from the ashes and am proud to announce my participation in NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month, where in I write a blog post every day during November. This is a rad idea because it is making me write. And because I might win a prize! I think the odds are in my favor because I have not won a random drawing since 6th grade when I won a boombox in the recognition notice drawing. It was so embarassing; I had to walk in front of the WHOLE middle school to accept! GUH! The point is, I have a ton of half written posts I want to get up and share with you. I always have a dozen ideas swirling around in my head so I imagine that this activity will also garner clarity! I just rapped up a ton of shows so I am stoked to have more brain time to devote to my creative whims.

I just bought 5 pairs of 3D glasses, which I fully plan to incorporate into my daily wardrobe. I am gonna mod it up and make some necklaces. If I sold one 3D glasses necklace for $3, I would make almost 100% profit. I mean, that's really all I want to do with my Silky merch, just hand make some crappy kitsch things for my friends. I think I am going to ask min lillebror to do some art for me. Zach draws epic landscapes and then he "destroys" it by covering the scene with a brutal battle. My brother is 9 years younger than me and has always been one of my very best friends.

I have recently found out that a movie is being made of Preacher and The Goon. Seth told me there is going to be a Kick-Ass movie and I mean, I am still not over The Spirit. I know about Y: The Last Man, Black Hole, and We3 and I think there was another beloved tale that is slated to be snatched from my breast. Good God! What's next? Fables? Good-Bye, Chunky Rice? American Elf?!?!? hahaha! So I guess what bothers me is that it seems like all the writers are just leeching off other people's stuff! All the good writers are on television and everybody knows it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

links a-go-go

Today, I found the most fabulous photographs through Betsy through Kathy. The pictures are the oldest known color photographs, as in the year 1872!!! It is so striking to me. It makes the past SO real and understandable. These photographs are magical. I'm at a loss for words! Become speechless yourself and view the whole set here.

Here are links to 3 Flickr sets of old color photographs from the 1930s from historian Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse and the Library of Congress: 80 screen shots from the 4-part BBC series "The Thirties in Colour", photos of wartime Paris for the German propaganda magazine Signal, & over 1,600 photos from the USA in 1939-1944.

Here is interesting, if irreverent, commentary on the reversal of gender roles since the 1950s and how the AMC show Mad Men has challenged sexual perceptions. "Hey Mr. Mom: Your Wife Wants To Bang Don Draper" (via Gawker)

The former vice-president & chief editorial director of American Media & editor-in-chief of US Weekly, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, YM & FLARE, Bonnie Fuller, now C.E.O. of Bonnie Fuller Media, harshly critiques Sarah Palin against Britney Spears. Ouch!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Closet Rehab

I feel like we've all seen a million makeover shows and articles, but nothing has really resonated with me. But just now I found this excellent quote from the October 2008 issue of Real Simple. If you're like me and need to pare your closet to make outfitting (or squeezing in new garments) simpler, take an afternoon and ask yourself these questions of each item:
"Do you love it? Is it flattering? Is it you?" If it fail[s] one of these three questions, it [is] a goner.

Those three elements simplify the weeding out process for me ten fold! I hope you can use this tip too!
What are some ways you have trimmed your wardrobe's fat?


The ineffable Effie of The Snail and the Cyclops fame tagged any everybody to do this mini list. I am also doing the same! Take a minute to comment with your list o' fours or post it to your blog (and also comment that you did so!).

4 things I did today (it's only 10:30 at work, so I'll include yesterday):
  • Yesterday, I made dinner for my family - a fabulous chicken curry. The recipe said 15 mins, but I am not too comfortable around the kitchen, so it took over an hour. Then my mom and brother were late, so most of the sauce dried out while I was trying to keep it warm. I also used the garlic American cheese I bought at the flea market on a toasted baguette. Yum.
  • I finally got around to making a Silky Snowflake page on Facebook. I needed to create one so people could have a place to find out about shows instead of just adding me as a friend. So, BECOME A FAN OF SILKY ON FACEBOOK!!
  • Also last night, I caught a portion of Leonard Nimoy and the Western Wind's The Birthday of the World. Like every American town in mid-September, Our local NPR station aired the recording (though Yom Kippur is on Wednesday?). I am fascinated by Jewish culture and I found the music very beautiful and moving.
  • It has almost been a month since I placed an order from the weird and cute kawaii store Cutie Stall. I have ordered from them before (Hello Kitty noodle cups!) and it did not take as long, so I sent an email yesterday asking about the shipment. It turns out that because I asked for the "cheapest shipping" it takes about a month to arrive from Japan. $2.75 more and my Japan Birds & Tree Shirt, Korea Spicy Mushroom Noodles, and Nyanko Kitten Notebook (Burger) would have been here in a week! So, word to the wise.

4 things on my to do list (I'm glad it only asks for four):
  • take bike for tune up (which requires syncing my schedule with my eternally busy friend to pick up my bike and somehow fit it in my tiny car)
  • sew missing buttons (I've had these dresses I thrifted for months but never worn b/c of crucial button placement)
  • get shoes fixed (the tip of one high heel came off and I don't have any appropriate glue and the insoles of two thrifted pairs [soft, brown Salvatore Ferragamo pumps and red sling back heels with bows!] are coming loose.)
  • buy digital camera (i think my barren blog is evidence enough)

4 of my guiltiest pleasures:
  • My first thought was Pokemon, but I don't feel guilty about it. I love anything with Pokemon (television shows, video games, earrings, plush toys, etc.) and any Pokemon references! I am not well versed in anything past #151, but I love them all.
  • pop punk
  • Coca-Cola Classic
  • eBay (the killer!)

4 random facts about me:
  • I sometimes worry that people will critique my interests when they find out how rarely I find time for books and music, company for board games, and money for shopping.
  • I am learning to wear (and love!) gold.
  • I get stressed about my conflicting desires to wear my favorite t-shirt and beat up Vans vs looking so crisp in bright tights with heels and a new skirt. I love both looks equally, though the latter usually earns more complements! ;)
  • I love when my cat sleeps on my neck! We are both in cuddle ecstasy!