Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The ineffable Effie of The Snail and the Cyclops fame tagged any everybody to do this mini list. I am also doing the same! Take a minute to comment with your list o' fours or post it to your blog (and also comment that you did so!).

4 things I did today (it's only 10:30 at work, so I'll include yesterday):
  • Yesterday, I made dinner for my family - a fabulous chicken curry. The recipe said 15 mins, but I am not too comfortable around the kitchen, so it took over an hour. Then my mom and brother were late, so most of the sauce dried out while I was trying to keep it warm. I also used the garlic American cheese I bought at the flea market on a toasted baguette. Yum.
  • I finally got around to making a Silky Snowflake page on Facebook. I needed to create one so people could have a place to find out about shows instead of just adding me as a friend. So, BECOME A FAN OF SILKY ON FACEBOOK!!
  • Also last night, I caught a portion of Leonard Nimoy and the Western Wind's The Birthday of the World. Like every American town in mid-September, Our local NPR station aired the recording (though Yom Kippur is on Wednesday?). I am fascinated by Jewish culture and I found the music very beautiful and moving.
  • It has almost been a month since I placed an order from the weird and cute kawaii store Cutie Stall. I have ordered from them before (Hello Kitty noodle cups!) and it did not take as long, so I sent an email yesterday asking about the shipment. It turns out that because I asked for the "cheapest shipping" it takes about a month to arrive from Japan. $2.75 more and my Japan Birds & Tree Shirt, Korea Spicy Mushroom Noodles, and Nyanko Kitten Notebook (Burger) would have been here in a week! So, word to the wise.

4 things on my to do list (I'm glad it only asks for four):
  • take bike for tune up (which requires syncing my schedule with my eternally busy friend to pick up my bike and somehow fit it in my tiny car)
  • sew missing buttons (I've had these dresses I thrifted for months but never worn b/c of crucial button placement)
  • get shoes fixed (the tip of one high heel came off and I don't have any appropriate glue and the insoles of two thrifted pairs [soft, brown Salvatore Ferragamo pumps and red sling back heels with bows!] are coming loose.)
  • buy digital camera (i think my barren blog is evidence enough)

4 of my guiltiest pleasures:
  • My first thought was Pokemon, but I don't feel guilty about it. I love anything with Pokemon (television shows, video games, earrings, plush toys, etc.) and any Pokemon references! I am not well versed in anything past #151, but I love them all.
  • pop punk
  • Coca-Cola Classic
  • eBay (the killer!)

4 random facts about me:
  • I sometimes worry that people will critique my interests when they find out how rarely I find time for books and music, company for board games, and money for shopping.
  • I am learning to wear (and love!) gold.
  • I get stressed about my conflicting desires to wear my favorite t-shirt and beat up Vans vs looking so crisp in bright tights with heels and a new skirt. I love both looks equally, though the latter usually earns more complements! ;)
  • I love when my cat sleeps on my neck! We are both in cuddle ecstasy!

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