Thursday, November 13, 2008

It was real. It was fun. But it wasn't real fun.

this is so great i had to share it with you

I hate blogging. This is stupid. I don't want to do this. I cannot feel at ease with this thing looming over me. I am glad I tried this, but it is not for me. Just go to my LiveJournal, yo. I've had it since 2001 and I have no idea what I was thinking with this. I guess I wanted to be a real "blogger," but all of that just seems so unattainable. I don't want to spend my life here anymore. I want to spend time on my crafts and the relationships and things I enjoy! Not commenting on other blogs so I can get some hits. This blog was never honest enough for me. I will always be here:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What I Wore 11/11/08

What I Wore: 11/11/08
hat: gift // necklace: Tokyo Made // tuxedo shirt: ? // sweater: Vessie B. // skirt: thrifted // thigh highs: Target // shoes: Rocket Dog // bag: ?
What I Wore: 11/11/08

I had to brave angry dogs and whooping rednecks to get these shots, so enjoy.

Monday, November 10, 2008

What I Wore: 11/10/08

wayfarers: Mixbaby // coat: Old Navy // sweater: Wet Seal // oxford: borrowed // skirt: thrifted // tights: ? // knee highs: Payless // boots: Target

Today was a very cute day for autumn apparel!

Friday, November 7, 2008

More link love!

early female bloggers

  • Idée Inc's Flickr Multicolor Search Lab: This is a brilliant tool for finding unique photos in a certain color scheme. Here is how Idée puts it: "We extracted the colours from 10 million of the most “interesting” Creative Commons images on Flickr. Using our visual similarity technology you can navigate the collection by colour." Lots of fun to play with.

  • 10 Least Effective Ways to Pick up a Girl Like Me: Heartless Doll is a blog I've just begun following. Their staff of femme writers are full of wit and bite as they cover a smattering of current events, e.g. politics, consumerism, celebrities, and blogrolling. This article was particularly amusing! Have you experienced or TRIED any of these?

25 ways to tie a scarf

  • Nintendo DS Homebrew Guide: I love my Nintendo DS, but I'm always a bit overwhelmed when it comes to homebrew applications because I don't have any friends to guide me. James Kochalka is always mentioning his hb applications on his blog. He uses some programs to write music for his band and his son Eli has used DS apps to draw pictures for his own comic blog Monster Attack Adorable. The point is I finally found a good guide with tons of links and reviews! What DS games are you into? Do you have any homebrew recommendations?

    13 Nostalgia-Heavy Commercials To Make You Pine For 1987: Old videos like this always make me feel strange inside, like I am finally getting back a part of myself that was lost. Does anyone else get this feeling??

  • THE must have ultimate fly tights and leggings sites: Costume Department (insane leggings) and My Tights (one stop for ALL things legwear). GO NOW!

  • Two online boutiques to peep: Bleubird Vintage (excellent vintage shop) and Ruche (pretty, vintage "inspired" clothing and jewelry). Let me know if you make any purchases!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Things I Love Thursday

I have been amassing a giant compendium of links for revisiting. I use Google Reader daily for blogs, but there are many online resources that I want to use later on (i.e. travel sites, online boutiques, tutorials, etc). The other day I took the time to categorize them all, so here is a smattering of some of my faves you will also adore!

  • How to Affordably Dress Designer: I have been sitting on this article from since the summer, but it is ultra relevant now! The economy has worsened since July and now that stores are putting out holiday merchandise and marking down fall items, it is important to be a savvy shopper! Have you scored on any deals lately?

  • Galavanting: This online women's travel magazine and community has a lot of unique resources: articles from both fledgling and experienced female travelers, a boutique, tons of linkage, and brilliant tips! Definitely peruse this site before your next trip.

  • Retail Me Not: This is just one of a few decent coupon code sharing sites. Whenever you're making an online purchase and there is a blank for entering a coupon code, be sure to visit one of these sites to see if there are any promotional codes you could use to instantly score free shipping or a percentage off the total. A crucial link!

  • Faux Bois tutorial: Ready Made magazine is the Nylon for DIY and craft kids. This tutorial is a mega easy way to kitch up your living space with a fake wood grain.

  • Lego Kitchen Crafts: Here are a few photos of some cute kitchen items (e.g. napkin holder, vase) made out of Legos. My brother will definitely not notice any missing Legos. Well, he won't until he sees them on display in my bedroom.

  • Eye Heart Glasses: A fashionable blog for us visually impaired peeps. The blog is adorable because it runs just like another fashion blog with street style photos, vintage frames, eyewear icons, and unique glasses designers. I ♥ Eye Heart Glasses!

What links are you diggin this week?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

google me, baby; or "e.g. scooters, vacation, fall"

This fall is difficult for me to transition into. My winter wardrobe is so much more dressy than my summer clothes that I feel like a different person. Like a serious identity crisis! But most people dress like slobs, so I feel pretty good about it all. I think my style this fall mostly revolves around tights. I now own 10 pairs and it has taken over my drawers. The unfortunate thing is that 10 is not enough. There are so many patterns and colors that can add so easily to an outfit! I have already posted radical tights, so I'll let you in on what else I'm jonesin' for: long sleeve dresses. I love dresses because it is one whole outfit, but typically dresses that aren't short and/or sleeveless appear matronly. Example:

But with tights and boots we can move on from the Middle Ages and walk briskly through the cold air to the warmth an enclosed space. Don't forget a bracer before you go out though. ;)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

If you got somethin' to say, say it to my blog.

Like really. If you're reading a feed of this, I will not get the comments you post anywhere else. So visit to leave comments! THANKS!

In other news before bed,


Here is a photos of Obama at the beach:

Monday, November 3, 2008

My October; or she raps hard for the money

hat: New Era // glasses: Steve Madden // earrings: Lucky Brand // tshirt: Sparkle and Fade //
blazer: Rampage // bow tie: 7th grade band // necklace: H&M // rings: // jeans: Lucky Brand

This post is only going to be about a photograph of me. It really gets me pumped because I am having a silly time backstage after my set and I look flyyy. This is the weirdest outfit ever because not one item is thrifted! I always have something vintage on, but apparently not on 10/18/08. Even my shoes weren't.

I love to rap because when I listen to rap it is just doing homework. I think there is a lot of crap on the radio, but there is also a lot of tight songs. Please disregard my brainwashing.

In a previously unforeseen unrelated note, I saw a Christmas tree strapped to a car on Sunday and today I accidently heard a split second of "All I Want for Christmas" by Mariah Carey. Who likes that song? It is so shrill and not a classic at all. Because I have missed making mixes for every holiday that I plan to make one for (ugh, my half-finished Halloween mix was gonna be tight!) over the past 2 years, I need to start on that Christmas mix. They are nice little handmade presents that you can give to anyone. Am I really already discussing this?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mimmi Pigg; or Soothe the Savage Turd

One quick post before bed.

Mimmi Pigg is Swedish for Minnie Mouse. Adorable! I love the slight change in the first name so that when you say it out loud, you sound retarded.

I have been meditating on all the games I have made up over the years and as I prep for compiling them, I recalled one which, unlike the others, requires crucial supplies, but is in the same vein. One needs a computer and a microphone, which are pretty standard issue these days, but may not be on hand at a park or your grandmother's when you're bored. Record your voice saying a short phrase, such as "I love you" or your full name. Reverse the recording so your voice is speaking backwards. Listen to the backwards voice a few times and memorize how to say the phrase backwards. Channel Thom Yorke on this one. Now, record your voice again saying the phrase backwards. Laugh your ass off as you reverse the recording again. Your voice recording is now speaking forwards, but sounds like you're totes retarded. Do it! I've sat around playing this game for hours, crying, weeping with laughter. Will it ever not be funny?!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Vlogging; or "Is this really happening?"

Vlogs are the raddest shit ever because we get to witness little twerps and total bitches in their purest, most egotistical form. In real life, these people totally piss us off; on the internet, we watch every crummy video of people scratching their ass or soap boxing about some inane topic. The vlog initially fills the same sort of criteria as a blog, but it is so much more. It is a video, not text. I suppose my vanity assuming people want to read this is equal, but call me old fashioned. Well, don't actually because I am totes new fashioned. And I mean I guess I have just undermined my whole argument and don't have much more to say on the topic successfully. I just wanted to post that video, honestly. This boy cracks me up. I want to watch all his videos! So, I guess after all it's a greater meta thing because I hate these videos and love them for the exact same reasons. Hmmm....