Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mimmi Pigg; or Soothe the Savage Turd

One quick post before bed.

Mimmi Pigg is Swedish for Minnie Mouse. Adorable! I love the slight change in the first name so that when you say it out loud, you sound retarded.

I have been meditating on all the games I have made up over the years and as I prep for compiling them, I recalled one which, unlike the others, requires crucial supplies, but is in the same vein. One needs a computer and a microphone, which are pretty standard issue these days, but may not be on hand at a park or your grandmother's when you're bored. Record your voice saying a short phrase, such as "I love you" or your full name. Reverse the recording so your voice is speaking backwards. Listen to the backwards voice a few times and memorize how to say the phrase backwards. Channel Thom Yorke on this one. Now, record your voice again saying the phrase backwards. Laugh your ass off as you reverse the recording again. Your voice recording is now speaking forwards, but sounds like you're totes retarded. Do it! I've sat around playing this game for hours, crying, weeping with laughter. Will it ever not be funny?!

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