Friday, November 7, 2008

More link love!

early female bloggers

  • Idée Inc's Flickr Multicolor Search Lab: This is a brilliant tool for finding unique photos in a certain color scheme. Here is how Idée puts it: "We extracted the colours from 10 million of the most “interesting” Creative Commons images on Flickr. Using our visual similarity technology you can navigate the collection by colour." Lots of fun to play with.

  • 10 Least Effective Ways to Pick up a Girl Like Me: Heartless Doll is a blog I've just begun following. Their staff of femme writers are full of wit and bite as they cover a smattering of current events, e.g. politics, consumerism, celebrities, and blogrolling. This article was particularly amusing! Have you experienced or TRIED any of these?

25 ways to tie a scarf

  • Nintendo DS Homebrew Guide: I love my Nintendo DS, but I'm always a bit overwhelmed when it comes to homebrew applications because I don't have any friends to guide me. James Kochalka is always mentioning his hb applications on his blog. He uses some programs to write music for his band and his son Eli has used DS apps to draw pictures for his own comic blog Monster Attack Adorable. The point is I finally found a good guide with tons of links and reviews! What DS games are you into? Do you have any homebrew recommendations?

    13 Nostalgia-Heavy Commercials To Make You Pine For 1987: Old videos like this always make me feel strange inside, like I am finally getting back a part of myself that was lost. Does anyone else get this feeling??

  • THE must have ultimate fly tights and leggings sites: Costume Department (insane leggings) and My Tights (one stop for ALL things legwear). GO NOW!

  • Two online boutiques to peep: Bleubird Vintage (excellent vintage shop) and Ruche (pretty, vintage "inspired" clothing and jewelry). Let me know if you make any purchases!

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Ian EBH said...

I read the Pick-Up Line article right before you posted it on here and thought it was hilarious. I've probably gotten drunk and used the "for a girl" line while realizing how dumb it is. I've also been "the spokesman" for a lot of friends and I don't think it ever worked when it was meant to. I'm really bad at pick-up lines, or picking girls up, or any related feat, so I don't do it. You people are impossible to deal with.

That Flickr tool is awesome.