Monday, November 3, 2008

My October; or she raps hard for the money

hat: New Era // glasses: Steve Madden // earrings: Lucky Brand // tshirt: Sparkle and Fade //
blazer: Rampage // bow tie: 7th grade band // necklace: H&M // rings: // jeans: Lucky Brand

This post is only going to be about a photograph of me. It really gets me pumped because I am having a silly time backstage after my set and I look flyyy. This is the weirdest outfit ever because not one item is thrifted! I always have something vintage on, but apparently not on 10/18/08. Even my shoes weren't.

I love to rap because when I listen to rap it is just doing homework. I think there is a lot of crap on the radio, but there is also a lot of tight songs. Please disregard my brainwashing.

In a previously unforeseen unrelated note, I saw a Christmas tree strapped to a car on Sunday and today I accidently heard a split second of "All I Want for Christmas" by Mariah Carey. Who likes that song? It is so shrill and not a classic at all. Because I have missed making mixes for every holiday that I plan to make one for (ugh, my half-finished Halloween mix was gonna be tight!) over the past 2 years, I need to start on that Christmas mix. They are nice little handmade presents that you can give to anyone. Am I really already discussing this?

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J said...

That pic is fun and gorgeous.